Together, we can

Help the Community to Bring a Change


The ENL Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to empower the deprived community in Pakistan to bring about sustainable development and upward social mobility. Currently our organization is running programs that provide education, food and healthcare facilities to improvised communities. Through our efforts we hope to bring about a lasting and positive change for the deprived communities in Pakistan.

Presently the services that we offer are:

  • Free education for the less privileged
  • Financial assistance to poor widows
  • Free treatment/medicines to the poor patients
  • Free food for the poor hungry people
  • Marriage of orphan girls

Mission Statement

To build a better life for the community and to aid those who cannot help themselves. To help children get an opportunity for education and to help widows live an honorable life free of poverty. To provide business opportunities for our impoverished youth. To help brick kiln workers escape the bounds of financial slavery and to ensure that every man, woman and child in Pakistan’s poor community can live with dignity

We Find & Fund

We keep Looking for areas where we can support the underprivileged and deserving community, contact us to become partners or to highlight the target area.

We Educate

We are striving to provide equal educational opportunities to children living in underprivileged areas, We aim to provide quality education and living standards to all.

Provide Health Care

Health conditions in Pakistan are not well, Government is providing health facilities in urban areas but rural areas suffer.  We conduct medical camps in the rural areas to reach the unreached.

Provide Consultation

We have a vast network of professional individuals. we provide consultation and training for developing small businesses and for  Social development.